Recognizing Supporters of NYLS

This year, you created opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

How you supported NYLS students? 40% Annual Fund (Unrestricted), 19% Scholarships and Fellowships, 19% Clinical and Experiential Skills Program, 14% Academic Centers and Programs, 6% Bar Success Fund, 1% Student Organizations, less than 1% OtherThank you to all who supported NYLS in our most recent fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2019. We are pleased to recognize your generosity in the 2019 Honor Roll of Donors. We are also proud that overall giving to NYLS grew by 8 percent and that alumni participation in giving grew 36 percent this year.

There’s still time to add your name to the list. Make a gift today, and we’ll recognize you in the final Honor Roll at the end of the year. Giving is quick and easy at, and you may direct your gift to a program or activity that is meaningful to you.

Your gift matters. By giving to NYLS, you have the power to fund transformational scholarships, cutting-edge academic programs, memorable co-curricular activities, and high-impact faculty research. You have the opportunity to change careers, even lives, and to expand on your NYLS legacy. There are many ways to give, and you may wish to consider planned giving, group class gifts, pledges, gifts of stocks or annuities, or endowments. Contact or 212.431.2800 to discuss how to make a gift that is meaningful to you and connected to your NYLS experience.

As always, thank you for your partnership and support.

2019 Honor Roll of Donors

This list covers July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.

Arthur N. Abbey ’59 and Diane L. Abbey
Maher Abdelqader
Samuel F. Abernethy
Charles P. Abraham ’85
Prof. Susan J. Abraham
Dr. Faried Abrahams
Jay M. Abrahams ’74
Teri C. Abrahams ’91
Carmen Acosta ’91
Roger B. Adler
Catherine Admay
Karen L. Aduba ’77
Kathleen O. Ahlers
Alabama Cable Telecommunications
Joseph L. Albertson, Jr. ’58
Dr. Janet Alder
Hon. Joaquin F. Alemany ’82
Vincent Alfieri ’80
A. Manny Alicandro ’12
Steven W. Allen ’79
Aréal R. Allen-Stewart ’14
Eroide M. Alphonse ’17
Ikiesha T. Al-Shabazz ’01
Michael A. Aluko ’01
Christian Y. Alvarez ’14
Prof. Penelope E. Andrews
Emil R. Annunziato ’51*
Jethro M. Antoine ’95
Francis J. Apicella ’70
Prof. Alan I. Appel ’76
Benjamin Appelbaum ’92
Martin M. Appelbaum ’83
Prof. Barry Appleton
Chloe A. Aquart ’13
Georgia T. Argyrople
George Arzt
Danielle A. Ash ’13
Karen A. Ash ’80 and David C. Ash
Kristin J. Ashman ’05
AT&T, Inc.
Hon. Quentin F. Atherley ’81
Mark Attar ’96
Michelle M. Ippolito-Axon ’14
Janine R. Azriliant ’94
B & L Partners
Ashley L. Babrisky ’16
Alisha Bacchus ’14
Alexandra Badalamenti ’17
Carol A. Bahan ’09
Hon. Loren H. Baily-Schiffman ’77
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Garrett B. Baldwin ’15
Ronald Balter ’83
Bank of America
BarBri Inc.
James J. Barney ’04
Daniel R. Barney
Matt Barr ’96
George W. A. Bartholomew ’14
David Bartholomew
Kathryn Bartunek
Basaran Law Office
Christian Bastian
Associate Dean Jeff Becherer
Daniel F. Becht ’84
Ruth J. Bednarz ’84
The James A. Beha Foundation, Inc.
Thaniel Beinert ’96
William J. Beinin ’68
Shari E. Belitz ’98
Alan Bell
Rosemarin Belliard ’17
Susan Bellifemine
Ernesto M. Belzaguy ’84
Michelle M. Benedetto ’08
Stephan Benedict
Dr. Foti C. Benetos and Katherine Benetos
Michael Benjamin
James M. Bennett ’73
Michael J. Bennett ’15
Richard Benrubi
Prof. Lenni B. Benson
Elenora L. Benz ’93
Arminda B. Bepko ’04 and Victor E. Suthammanont ’05
Bruce Berg
Ronald Bergamini
Thomas Bergdall
Andrea Berger
Kristina Berger
Mark Bergeron
Jeffrey Berkman ’89
Brad L. Berman ’83
Janet Berman and Alan Berman
Ben A. Berman ’05
Suzanne M. Bettis ’14
Thomas Bettridge
Ken C. Biberaj ’08 and Valerie Biberaj
Paul Bibuld ’88
Joann B. Birle ’90
Robert Bishop
Mitchell D. Bittman ’78
Lisa J. Black ’98
Stephen Blank
Prof. Robert I. Blecker
Darren S. Bloch ’04
Dr. Arnold Bloch
Timothy Blodgett
Dan Bloom
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Jeffrey I. Bloomfield ’78
Hon. Michael B. Bluth ’78
BMS Administration, LLC
Aimee Boden
Assistant Dean Erin F. Bond ’08
Erica E. Bonnett ’10
Andrea Booth
Hon. Edward P. Borrelli ’76
Carlisle Michael Bostic ’14
Nanette Bourne
Roman Boychuk
Tracy E. Boyd ’09
Pamela Bradford
Prof. Alvin Bragg
Steven Brautigam
Andrew F. Braver ’95
Paul L. Brennan ’70
Prof. Richard Marsico and Prof. Jean M. Brescia
Judith A. Bresler ’74
Prof. Frank A. Bress
Bressler Amery & Ross, PC
Eric Brettschneider
Elizabeth C. Briand ’11
Robert M. Brill
E. Drew Britcher ’84
Dave R. Britton ’87
Carol Brockwell
Arline Bronzaft
Associate Dean Camille Broussard
Prof. Charlane O. Brown-Wyands ’92
Grathella Brown
Kenneth A. Brown ’87
Alesha S. Brown ’12
Heather E. Brownlie ’94
Joseph F. Bruno
Christopher M. Bruno ’12
Susan Bryant
Lawrence M. Buchwalter ’81
Prof. Carol A. Buckler
Lois A. Burke ’76
Prof. Kirk D. Burkhalter ’04
Hon. John W. Burns
Burns & Harris
Stacy E. Bush ’96
Business Intelligence Associates, Inc.
Ann Bussel
Neil H. Butterklee ’92
Albert K. Butzel
Roza Bychok ’15
Michael J. Cacace ’78
Jessica L. Cadorine ’00
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
George Calderaro
Jeffrey Callahan ’98
Jeanne A. Campbell ’99
Lynell Canagata-Jeffrey ’86
Elizabeth A. Candido Petite ’10
Gregory J. Cannata ’77
Hon. Anthony Cannataro ’96
Katelyn C. Canning ’18
Capacity Benefits and Financial Services, LLC
James Capalino
Anthony A. Capetola ’70 and Hon. Julianne S. Capetola
Dana L. Capone ’13
Vivian S. Carballo ’13
John F. Carberry ’83
Dr. Vincent A. Carbonell ’00
Richard E. Carmen ’79
Virginia R. Carreno ’06
John B. Carroll ’74
Benjamin Carroll
Giovanni Caruso ’00
Kevin Casey
Paul D. Casowitz ’89
Catherine M. Cassidy ’03
Carrie Anne Cavallo ’99
Maxine N. Cenac Carrington ’03
Jeanette Cepeda ’14
Diane T. Cepriano
Frank E. Chaney ’05
Prof. David Chang
Richard S. Chang ’03
Dominique J. Charles ’14
Charter Communications
Hon. Roy O. Chernus ’78 and Renee R. Chernus ’79
Mark Chertok
The Chesapeake Group
Salvatore Chiarelli
Tina T. Cho ’05
Bruce A. Cholst ’77
Kendall Christiansen
Joseph K. Chung ’16
Regina Chung
John Chung
Prof. Richard Chused
Pierre Ciric ’09
Paul Cirino ’95
John P. Clare ’12
Alan W. Clark ’77
Ethan Clarkson
Phyllis Coburn
Michael J. Coffey II ’73
Steve M. Cohen ’13
Susan M. Cohen ’86
Seth D. Cohen ’00
Adele H. Cohen ’87
Richard M. Cohlan ’74
Bruce M. Cohn ’83
Bruce A. Colbath ’85
Jonathan Cole
Deborah Colelli
John J. Coleman ’11
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Mark A. Competiello ’85
David Condliffe
Prof. Robert J. Condlin and Judy D. Dobbs
Michael P. Coneys ’81
Matthew J. Connahan ’10
James P. Connors ’77
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.
Jennifer J. Contegiacomo ’96
Fatmata B. Conteh ’16
John W. Cook ’94
David S. Cook ’73 and Barbara A. Cook
David Cook
Maureen Cooper
Kevin R. Corbett ’03
Sherie Y. Cordell ’84
Julian C. Cordero ’14
Gus Coritsidis
Trina D. Cornet ’16
Gary R. Cortellessa ’74
Hon. John W. Cortes ’02
Ralph A. Cosentino ’08
Lynne I. Costantini ’84
Edward Coughlin
Graig Craver ’09
Gerald C. Crotty ’76
Margaret Crotty
Jane R. Crotty
Dean Anthony W. Crowell
Mariel E. Cruz ’09
Frank J. Cuccio ’93
Alicia J. Cullen ’09
Matthew K. Cullen ’08
Christie A. Cunningham ’99
Ruth C. Curtis ’94
Anthony F. Daddino
James R. D’Agostino ’73
Michela Daliana ’86
Hon. Carol A. Dalton ’86 and Peter M. Flynn ’86
Elizabeth Dambriunas ’85
Richard J. D’Amico ’95
Lynda Daniel
Charlene G. Daniels ’82
Kristina R. Das ’13
Charles Davidson
Teresa Davies ’94
Timmery P. Davis ’08
Julia Davis
Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
Valerie De La Rosa
Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Benjamin R. DeCosta ’75
DeCosta Consulting, LLC
Doralyn De Dios ’16
Donna J. DeGrasse ’79
George K. DeHaven  ’81
Tyler G. Deieso ’15
Roy W. Deitchman ’83
Justin J. D’Elia ’05
John D. Delmar ’78
Marlene Delon Baron ’02
R. Scott DeLuca ’98
George C. DeLuca ’82
Harry A. DeMell ’76
Walter A. Denby ’77
Rebekka P. Denenberg ’14
Jesse Denno
Parul P. Desai ’00
Brian J. Descovich ’12 and Kaitlin Descovich ’13
Alice A. Devoe ’84
Richard E. Di Giovanna ’81
Marcos Diaz Gonzalez
Joshua Dicke ’87
Donald W. Dickson II ’84
Mark Diller
Barbara Ann Dillon
Paul DiLorenzo
Alex Dimitrief
James J. Dixon ’90 and Catherine N. Dixon
Michael Doherty
Irina G. Dolinskiy ’99
Daniel J. Donovan
Prof. Joanne Doroshow
Dowd Bennett LLP
Andrew Dowling
Bob D. Downey ’87
Stephanie A. Drotar ’14
Kelly R. LeGrand Weiner ’13 and Joshua A. Druckerman ’13
James C. D’Sidocky ’99
Duane Morris LLP
Kathleen G. Dussault ’84
Ariel M. Dvorkin and Jennifer Lerman
Prof. Victoria Eastus
Brendan Eccleston ’87
Herman Edelman ’56
Cornell A. Edmonds ’84
The Edward D. Jones & Company Foundation
Hon. Cenceria P. Edwards ’94
Richard L. Eland ’82
Marjorie Ellenbogen
Tarrian L. Ellis ’18
Claudia Ellmann and Doug Ellmann 
Prof. Stephen J. Ellmann*
Ellucian Company LP
James E. Emory, Jr. ’88
Judith B. Engelberg ’81
Floyd R. Engelhardt ’98
Evette C. Ennis ’03
Prof. David Epstein
Steven W. Epstein ’94
Equal Justice America
George P. Esernio ’68
Cesar Estela
John E. Estes ’95
Associate Dean Ella Mae S. Estrada
Mark Evangelista
Robert S. Evans ’74
Eversheds Sutherland
John V. Fabiani, Jr. ’76 and Marcy S. Fabiani ’78
Marc Fagel
Thomas Falcone
Mark A. Fantin ’05
Joseph A. Farco ’08
Thomas S. Farrell ’02
Alyssa C. Farruggia ’09
Larry S. Feigenbaum ’87
Matis A. Feit ’59
Neal Feivelson ’96
Gary M. Fellner ’91
John H. Fenniman ’65
Suzanne P. Ferguson Burkhardt ’94
Emilio Fernandez ’94
Kristopher T. Ferranti ’09
Lucas Ferrara
Eris & Larry Field Family Foundation
Frank J. Fields III ’84
Judith Fields Jurney ’79
David J. Fier ’80
Heather R. Fife
Antonio Figueroa
Prof. Ronald H. Filler and Paula Filler
Elizabeth Fine
Karen R. Fine Saltiel ’82
Lawrence J. Fineberg ’77
Sharon Finkel ’01
Adam D. Finkelstein ’94
Dr. Robert W. Finley
Andrew J. Finn ’08
Robert J. Firestone ’90
Melanie A. Fisch Kook ’81
Kristina L. Fischer
Marney Smyth Fischer ’09
David M. Fish ’96
Cynthia D. Fisher ’84
Associate Dean Joan Fishman
Clifford C. Fishman ’78
Marilyn J. Flood ’91
Kim Flotteron ’06
Patrick M. Flynn ’97
Erin L. Flynn ’92
Susan J. Flynn-Hollander ’85
Foley Family Charitable Foundation
Anthony K. C. Fong ’14
Justin R. Fossbender ’02
Pam O. Foster ’00
Nyasha S. Foy ’12
Alan P. Fraade ’75
Fragomen Del Rey & Bernsen, PC
Francis J. Greenburger Foundation
Lori Franco
Prof. Kris L. Franklin
Steven R. Harber ’92 and Lana Franks Harber
Robert S. Fraser ’78
Barbara Fredman and Stephen Fredman
Emily J. Freeborn ’13
Hon. Kathryn E. Freed ’77
Robert A. Freeman ’55
Harry J. Friedberg ’62
Jeffrey Friedlander
Shani R. Friedman ’01
Abigail S. Friedman ’14
Elizabeth Friedrich ’17
Michael R. Friscia ’89
Barry W. Frost ’76
Patrick Gaffney
Jeffrey Gaier ’93
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Mari J. Galvin ’95
Lorraine K. Galvis ’14
Noel Garcia
Lindsay I. Garroway ’09
Michael Gaschler ’89 and Julie M. Brown ’97
Abbey J. Gauger ’17
Kimberly Gay ’17
Bruce M. Gaylord ’74
Copernicus T. Gaza ’95 and MaryKathleen E. Gaza ’95
Rebecca Geffner ’93
Melanie Gloria Gelfand ’13
Vincent Gentile
Prof. Philip Genty and Judith Waksberg
Robert W. Georges ’04
Eleftherios Georgiou ’01
Matthew B. Gerst ’07
Charles R. Getty ’77
Charles R. Getty Jr., Attorney at Law
Prof. Doni N. Gewirtzman
Assistant Dean Matthew Gewolb
Julia Geykhman ’06
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP
Dionne R. Gill ’98
Gina and JR Gondeck Family Foundation
Mark Ginsberg
Melanie C. Girton ’97
Madelyn J. Givant ’85
Brian B. Glenn ’69
Andrea S. Glenn Loigman ’94
Deborah K. Glick ’87
Mark A. Gloade ’90
Dan Glusker ’98
Dr. Susan Gobel
Leo Gold ’59
Alan J. Goldberg ’79
Selwyn B. Goldberg ’86
Ronald C. Goldfarb ’75
David G. Goldfarb ’04
Marc S. Goldfarb
David Goldin
Howard J. Goldman
David M. Katz ’83 and Prof. Linda A. Goldman ’84
Goldman Sachs & Company
Barry Goldsmith
Prof. Anne Goldstein
Eric C. Goldstein ’05
Jonah L. Goldstein ’60
Iva Goldwurm
Christopher J. Gonnella ’02
David P. Gonzalez ’09
Mark S. Goracy ’85
Prof. Jeffrey Gordon
Victor G. Gorman ’98
Wilma P. Gottlieb ’77
Michelle Grady
Brian D. Graifman ’88
Sandra D. Grannum
Emily L. Granrud ’92
Ghenya B. Grant ’99
Anthony M. Grassi ’12
Carl T. Grasso ’79
Viktoriya Gray ’18
Linda S. Green ’04
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
John R. Greene ’75
Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.
Robert A. Grey ’85
Vice President Marcey L. Grigsby ’06
Donald E. Grigsby
Paula E. Grimm
Barbara Grimm
Prof. Lawrence Grosberg and Susan Rosenthal
Jeffrey J. Gross ’85
Michael S. Grossman ’76
Paul N. Gruber ’84
Prof. Lisa F. Grumet
Destina Grunin
Susanne M. Guardara Gurgold ’84 and Eric Gurgold ’84
Charles M. Guria ’86
Ellen M. Gustafson ’12
Janet Guyon 3L
Shannon M. Hagan ’12
Amirali Y. Haidri ’80
Diana C. Haines ’06
Jeffrey W. Halbreich ’66
Jeffrey W. Halbreich Attorney At Law
Janet M. Halecky ’93
Myrna Hall
Jessica Hamerslough
Stuart A. Hammerman ’68
Sarah T. Hansel ’13
G. T. Hardin ’74
Assistant Dean Sally A. Harding
Michael J. Harkey ’08
Seth A. Harris
Drexel B. Harris ’85
Seth A. Harris PLLC
Sabrina Hassan
Jeremy L. Havens ’08
Prof. Kim Hawkins
Deirdre K. Heatwole ’81
Daniel Heimpel
Susan Heitner
Deborah K. Held ’76 and Michael R. Held ’76
Alyssa J. Held-Honig ’94
Diana Heller ’78
Matthew J. C. Hellman ’12
Standiford Helm
Mary G. Herms ’12 and Ryan Marshall
Desiree C. Hernandez ’08
Mark Anthony E. Heron ’12
Ronald G. Hiatt ’81
Robert G. Hicks ’82
Alexander C. Hill ’12
Samuel J. Himmelstein ’79
Susan M. Hinkson ’98
George Hirschhorn ’69
Prof. Martha R. Hochberger
Ilana G. Hochman 14
Meryl A. Hoeft ’13
Paul T. Hofmann ’81
John I. Hohos ’17
Jeremy E. F. Hollander ’05
William P. Holm ’80
Kieran Holohan
Ellen Holtzman
Lena Holubnyczyj ’05
Associate Dean Oral Hope
Debra A. Hoskins ’79
Mona Houck ’04
Deborah Howes
Thomas F. Howley ’14 and Madeleine Karel ’14
Catherine Hughes
Erin K. Hurley ’94
James Charne ’79 and Laurie H. Hutzler ’79
Petal M. Hwang ’13
Kenneth G. Hydock ’78
IBM International Foundation
June Inderwies
Dr. Joanne M. Ingham and Michael F. Ingham
Maria L. Ingravallo ’09
Joseph Ingrisano
Steven M. Interrante ’13 and Zeynep Ertem
Cheryl Ishmael
Mark N. Jacobs ’71
Brien S. Jacobsen ’91
Jarienn A. James ’17
Katelyn James 4LE
Prof. Sandra Janin ’75
William Jannace ’92
Agnieszka A. Jannace ’02
Eric W. Janson ’81
Sedgwick M. Jeanite ’00
Nsenga N. Jenkins ’13
Emily A. Jewell ’19
Jewish Communal Fund
Edward J. Johnsen ’86
Nadine C. Johnson ’92
Herbert A. Johnson ’60
Susanna H. Johnston ’87
Linda E. Jolly ’98
Jones Day
Lisabeth Jorgensen ’12
Chinnu Joseph ’14
Mark E. Joseph ’72
Damion C. Josephs ’13
Mark A. Josephson ’97
Marisa Joss ’92
Jenifer Joyce ’90
Scott M. Justin ’08
Justin Brooks Charitable Fund
Robert Kahan ’65
James C. Kahn ’85
Nicholas F. Kajon ’84
Frank S. Kalamajka ’95
Robert Kandel
Patrick J. Kane ’80
Jeffrey D. Kapelman ’76 and Randi G. Kapelman ’82
Kemal Karakaya
Suri Kasirer
Sara Kasirer
Morris J. Kassin ’65
Brian Kaszuba ’04 and Molly Kaszuba
Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation, Inc.
Sara Katz ’11
Richard Katzman
David Katzman
Jesse L. Kearney ’14
Richard P. Kearney ’99
Andrew P. Keaveney ’99
Despina Keegan ’88
Samuel A. Keesal
Carol Kellermann
Christopher D. Kelley ’81
Prof. Lynn M. Kelly
Christine Kelly
Erin M. Kelsh ’06
Antoinette L. Kemp ’08
Ashley Kennedy ’17
Michael P. Keogh ’89
Robert Kessler
Armen E. Khajetoorian ’10
Judith W. Kimmel ’93
Kenneth A. Kingdon ’78
Gibson Kinloch
Jason P. Kinsella ’08
William E. Kitz ’63
Executive Vice President Stuart A. Klein
Arnold S. Klein ’77
Ronald M. Klinger ’58
Eric R. Knowles ’14
Jeffrey D. Knowles ’75
Brian C. Kochisarli ’09
Christine Koenitzer ’04
Jini Koh
Richard L. Koral ’78
Paul Korman ’75
Prof. Gerald Korngold and Alice Korngold
John E. Kosa ’10
John G. Kost ’86
Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP
Jeannette Koster
Edward J. Kowalcyk ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kozinn
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, LLP
James A. Krauskopf
Martin S. Krezalek ’08
Ronald E. Krieger ’84
Ronald Krieger Attorney-at-Law
Carolyn R. Kristal ’76
Arnold S. Kronick ’73
Ashley L. Kucharski ’09
Alix F. Kucker ’87
Orin R. Kurtz ’04
Adam G. Kurtz ’88
Edward LaGrassa
Holly R. Lake ’99
Mark B. Lakin ’08
Richard M. Landman ’88
Associate Dean William P. LaPiana and Sebastian Gluck
Michael Lappin
Allan G. Larson ’14
Steven A. Lastres ’03
Dwayne Latimore ’18
John H. Law ’18
Patricia Lawrence ’81 and Dr. Victor J. Lawrence
Lawrence J. Fineberg Attorney At Law
Scott R. Layman ’00
Scott R. Lazarus ’90
Lisa C. Leath ’97
Luisa M. Lebron ’14
Kerri N. Lechtrecker ’92
David Ledy ’74
Sylvia Lee ’94
Charlotte C. Lee ’77
Sang K. Lee ’68
Judith A. Lee ’81
Jeremy LeFevre
Alan Leibowitz ’74
Heather K. Leifer ’04
Rich Leimsider
David Lenefsky
Prof. Arthur S. Leonard
Hugh Lester
Leslie N. Leutwiler ’16
Deborah C. Levine ’88
David Levine
Marcia N. Levy
Kevon D. Lewis ’14
Christopher Lewis
Lewis Rice LLC
Lexis Nexis
Juliana C. Li ’04
Meryl R. Lieberman ’81 and Dr. Howard Gould
Prof. Jethro K. Lieberman
Donna H. Lieberman ’83
Carol Liebman and Lance Liebman
Mitchell J. Lindauer
Robyn B. Lindsay ’91
Linea Architects, P.C.
Margaret T. Ling ’83
Joseph E. Linksman ’12
Jack T. Linn
Garry Lischin ’79
Cynthia R. Litman ’99
Donald Littlefield
Lamont H. Littlejohn ’94
Steven A. Llorens ’94
Ariana Lo Giudice ’14
Francis A. Loewald ’69
Brian E. Logan
Arthur Long
Long Island Power Authority
Lotte & Felix Bilgrey Memorial Foundation
Prof. Stephen Louis
Arthur O. Louissaint ’08
John W. Louros ’17
Barbara J. Lovelace Garafalo ’06
Anthony H. Lowenberg ’00
Lubiner, Schmidt, & Palumbo, LLC
Chanoch Lubling ’77
Wanda Lucibello
Andrew H. Lupu ’84
Andrew S. Lurie ’14
Helena A. Lynch ’05
John Lynch
Rob R. MacAneney ’91
Judith Macdonald
Robert P. Macina ’80
Walter Mack
Scot P. Mackoff ’94
Ian W. MacLean ’92
Richard E. MacLean ’80
Daniel J. Magney ’13
AnnMarie Maida
Dennis S. Malen ’68
Robert A. Mallow ’68
Laura Maloney ’01
Hon. Joseph J. Maltese ’73
Alexander Malyshev ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Manasse ’77
Manatt Phelps & Phillips
Alex Manges
Jennifer A. Manner ’91
Andrew Manshel
Barry Manson ’67
The Marc Haas Foundation
Kristin B. Marchesiello ’09
Jan A. Marcus ’80
Michael C. Marcus ’69
Richard B. Margolies ’01
Prof. Robert M. Marino ’94
Phoenix Marino ’19
Gerald A. Marks ’69
Norman Maron
Justin M. Marques ’13
Kevin Marrazzo ’81
Paul B. Marrow ’69
Jennifer Marrus
Patrick J. Marthage, Jr. ’86
Robert J. Martin ’14
Hon. Gary Marton
Dilip N. Massand ’91
Sal Mastriani
Mary M. Mastropaolo ’88
Alessio Matera ’53
Jamie Matese
Geraldine A. Matise ’84
Amanda J. Matossian ’14
Natisha G. Matthews ’15
James E. Maunz ’13
Jani E. Maurer ’78
Linda May
Stephen Mazzalonga ’04
Robert McAdams
Myles P. McAliney ’87
Patricia L. McCandless ’92
Tim McChristian
Lynette McCloud
Spencer T. McCord ’09
Bradley M. McCormick ’09
Mary McCorry
Mary A. McDonough ’85
Michael F. McEneney ’59
Clark L. McFadden ’71
Charles McFaul
Cori S. McGinn ’15
Gerard J. McGowan, Jr. ’78
James M. McGuire ’85
John T. McGuire ’80
McGuire Woods LLP
Timothy J. McIlwain ’95
Margaret McIntyre-Enloe ’82
Kevin McKay
Horton D. McKinney ’15
John D. McMahon ’76
Thomas L. McMahon ’83
Assistant Dean Cynara Hermes McQuillan ’03
James Meier
Barbara C. Meili ’83
Barbie Melendez ’19
Nicholas P. Melito ’13
Susan Mendik
Jeremy Mereness ’06
John C. Meringolo ’99
Thomas Merrill
Charles J. Messina ’08
Raymond J. Messina ’64
Peter Metis
Dr. W. Peter Metz
Arthur A. Metzler ’94
Prof. Carlin Meyer
Dorothy Meyer
Colleen M. Meyer ’80
Richard M. Meyers ’58
Jeff M. Meyers ’15
Prof. Howard S. Meyers
Meyers & Meyers, LLP
Michael Botein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joey Michaels ’09
Philip J. Michaels ’76
Stacie A. Michaels ’05
Amelia A. Michalski ’15 and John A. Michalski ’15
Prof. Frank Michelman
Microsoft U.S. Public Sector
Tyear Middleton ’12
Celeste Dowicz Miller ’81
Debra A. Miller ’85
Claude Millman
Esther Milsted ’74
Joanna Mintzer
Michael E. Mirabella ’03
Andreana G. Mirabella ’03
Alexander K. Mircheff
Eric R. Mishara ’85
Mississippi Cable Telecommunications Association
Ryoko Mochizuki ’96
Yelda Moers ’03
Dean Mohs
Joseph and Lepa Molinari
Herman J. Molzahn ’65
Nicole Montalette ’64
Lawrence C. Montle ’13
Emerson S. Moore II ’99 and Allyson Moore
Justina L. Moore ’04
Robert Moore
Dominic A. Morelli
Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
Ross F. Moskowitz ’84 and Jacalyn N. Brecher
Matthew H. Mueller ’10
Paul Mulhauser
Gary R. Mund ’76
Prof. Frank W. Munger
Luisa (Julie) G. Muniz ’97
Dr. Sassan Naderi ’18
William Nagel
Stephen J. Nahley ’97
Bindu R. Nair ’12
Nassau County District Attorney’s Office
National Association of Water Companies
National Cable & Telecommunications Association
A. Phillips Nazro
Moshe S. Neiss ’77
Monica Nejathaim ’14
The New York Bar Foundation
New York City Trial Lawyers Alliance, Inc.
New York Women’s Bar Association Foundation, Inc.
New Yorkers For Parks
Thomas Newell
Glenn Newman
Don H. Nguyen ’09
Dante A. Nicolello ’14
Valerie Niosi ’74
Jeffrey A. Nirenstein ’77
Emanuel Nisan ’11
Christy A. Nixon ’08
Prof. Nadine Strossen and Eli Noam
Russell A. Nobles ’76
Brian T. Noel ’16
Catherine A. Nolan ’93
Erica L. Norey ’07
Mindy C. Novack
Daniel J. Oates ’86
John C. O’Brien and Maureen O’Brien
Michael F. O’Connell ’08
Mandana O’Connor ’07
Mark G. O’Connor ’76
Scott F. Odierno ’92
Pina M. O’Donnell ’97
Jennifer Oh
Amy O’Leary
Robert Olivari
James R. O’Neill
Gordon S. Oppenheimer ’65
Jay Opperman
Hon. Maurice Ornstein ’63
Carlos A. Ortiz ’11
David A. Ortiz ’15
Alexis Osazuwa ’15
Sylvia Ospina ’84
Sondah Ouattara ’13
Bethany L. Ow ’09
Ferah Ozbek ’89
James P. Pagano ’75
Stephen S. Paganuzzi ’79
Niloufar Pajoohi ’96
Xavier Palacios
Hon. Gary Palmer ’71
Rose Marie Palmieri
Vice President Jody A. Pariante
Nayan Parikh
Richard E. Parke, Jr. ’90
Lyndon J. Parker ’72
Jason Parkin
Ann Parry ’86
Michael D. Patrick
Catherine G. Patsos ’99
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, LLP
Sherbune Paul ’16
Lydia E. Payne-Johnson ’96
Steven E. Pegalis ’65
Pegalis & Erickson, LLC
Nicholas A. Penkovsky ’93
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Group
Khadeya Penson ’18
Victoria Penzel
Laura Perdomo Diaz ’15
Zachary S. Perecman ’14
Rosy Perez
Sylvia E. Perez-Woodroffe ’14
James Periconi
Gregory J. Perrotta ’13
Maj. Jonathan Persons ’96
Peter & Joanna Strauss Family Fund
Svetlana V. Petroff ’81
Christopher F. Petrozzo ’09
John T. Petrusky ’92
Prof. F. Peter Phillips ’87
Charles E. Phillips, Jr. ’93
Gina Piazza ’05
Prof. Troy Pieper
Jack S. Piermont ’73
Sophia M. Piliouras ’03
Melvin Pizer
Karen M. Platt ’99
Platt Byard Dovell White Architects LLP
Sherri L. Plotkin ’89
Paul Plotnick ’62
Joe and Susan Plumeri
Daniel A. Pocchiari ’84
Susan and Christopher Pondish
Paul L. Porretta ’95
Louis J. Posner ’89
Carole Post
Jacob Potent
Steve E. Powell ’80
Sarah K. Prager ’14
Darlene Prescott ’90
Hon. Richard L. Price ’64
Progressive Emergency Physicians Management, LLC
Thomas H. Prol ’01
The Prudential Foundation
Thomas Purcell ’75
Thomas P. Quaadman ’91
Denise L. Quarles ’89
Rodger T. Quigley ’17
Helen T. Quigley ’14
Theresa K. Quigley ’82
Gil C. Quinones
Noreen Quirk
Daniel Rabinowitz
William E. Racolin ’78
The William E. Racolin Trust of February 19, 2015
Charles C. Radcliffe ’80
Norman J. Radow ’81
The Radow Family Charitable Fund
Christine Rafin ’04
Martin Rainbow
Laura E. Rainoff ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Raisig
Virginia S. Ramadan ’84
Anthony J. Randazzo ’08
Ian Rasmussen
Prof. Louis S. Raveson
Maurice Recanati 4LE
Christa H. Reddy ’79 and John J. Reddy, Jr. ’79
Vice President Susan Redler
Neil E. Reichenberg ’76
Andrew Reicher
Jonathan M. Reinstein ’13
Marvin Reiskin
Jodi Reiskind ’92
Barbara Reisman
Sherri D. Reiss ’79
Joseph P. Renna ’79
Michael Rhee
Michael D. Ricchiuto ’14 and Shana S. Ricchiuto ’15
Lucius Riccio
Melissa S. Rich ’91
Adam I. Rich ’12
Denise Richardson
Jessica L. Richardson ’13
Ronald E. Richter
Andrew K. Ritter ’85
Kristian Rivera
Jennessy Rivera ’16
Dean H. Rivkin
Noelle G. Robinson ’14
The Rockefeller Foundation
Jorge L. Rodriguez ’12
Geraldine E. Rodriguez-Ortiz ’99
Prof. Michael H. Roffer ’83 and Susan C. Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rohde
Charles S. Ronder ’53
Veronica M. Rose ’18
Ashley L. Rose ’12
Steven J. Rosen ’79
Evan S. Rosenberg ’18
Lisa Rosenberg
David A. Rosenberg ’13
David Rosenberg
Rosenberg & Estis, P.C.
Hon. Ernst H. Rosenberger ’58 and Dr. Judith B. Rosenberger
Dick and Bea Rosenbloom
Richard W. Rosenthal ’66
Cynthia G. Rosicki ’86 and Tom Rosicki
Virginia Ross
Cye Ross
Anthony D. Ross ’96
Michelle Roth
Adam J. Roth ’08
Stephan E. Rothe ’97
Jayne L. Rothman ’97
Gideon Rothschild ’80
Laurence I. Rothstein ’93
Nicole A. Rowlands ’14
Hanna Rubin ’13
Nancy J. Rudolph ’77
Pasqualino Russo
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Jeffrey H. Ruzal ’00
S.E.A.L. Security, LLC
Tonino Sacco ’90
Mary E. C. Sach ’84
Stephanie D. Sado ’08
Safe Passage Project
Prof. Joyce Saltalamachia
Sherwood A. Salvan ’69
Joan Salzman
Sam Ash Music Corporation
Tina Samantha
Raphael Samuel
Pamela M. Samuelson ’91
Olga Sanders ’09
Prof. Ross Sandler and Alice Sandler
Josie Sandler
James T. Sandnes ’84
Frances Sands ’87
Prof. Anne Marie M. Santangelo
Michael J. Santorelli ’05
Jeffrey L. Sapir ’65
Terri Sasanow
Henry L. Saurborn, Jr. ’86
L. Stephen Savitt ’74
Michael Schaefer
Sheila Scharfman
Hon. Michelle Schauer ’84 and Wayne Spector ’84
Francis S. Schiano ’78
Joseph A. Schifano ’08
Peter A. Schikler ’08
M. Tristan Schmidt ’09
David Schmidt
Laura T. Schnaidt ’13
Eric E. Schneck ’89
Howard Schneider
Joseph N. Schneiderman ’12
Alan J. Schnurman ’71
Prof. David S. Schoenbrod
Samantha M. Schonfeld ’14
John Schoolman
Brian E. Schrader ’98
Sandra J. Schubert
Gary D. Schuller ’78
Anne M. Schuman ’75
Marc S. Schwartz ’74
Karen Schwartz ’85
The Peter Schwartz and Roberta Turkell Family Trust
Marc P. Schwartzbach ’90
Raymond B. Schwartzberg ’67
Frederick A. O. Schwarz, Jr.
Vivianna A. Schwoerer ’13
George C. Sciarrino ’13
Paul F. Scollan ’82
John P. Scordo ’88
Edythe Scott
Steven J. Sedereas ’09
Philip C. Segal ’73
Elizabeth Segal
Jay Segal
Ninfa Segarra ’82
James A. Seidel ’81
Karl Seidenwurm
Betsy Seidman
Robert W. Seifert ’78
Paul Selver
Francine L. Semaya ’82
Marisa Senigo
Mr. and Mrs. John Senko
Sekip S. Senturk ’00
Joseph A. Sergi ’95
Brendan Sexton
Prof. Houman Shadab
Sybil Shainwald ’76
Parmanand K. Sharma ’97
Jonathan M. Sharret ’12
Shearman & Sterling LLP
Jacqueline Sherman
Lori S. Sherman ’90
Prof. Richard Sherwin
Cheryl Shields
Stanley S. Shuman
Stephen G. Siben ’64
Hon. Bernice D. Siegal ’85
Thomas A. Sigismonti ’89
Michael Sillerman
John L. Silverman
Katie D. Silvers ’05
Barbara Simmons
Dean Emeritus James F. Simon
Olinda E. Simon ’76
Ann Marie Sinisi ’99
Sive Paget & Riesel, PC
Prof. Cary Sklaren
Kevin Slakas
Maureen Slakas
Hon. Joel H. Slomsky ’70
Gerald Slotnik ’76
Matthew R. Smalls ’04
Asha S. Smith ’07
Alexandra K. Smith ’14
Robert J. Smith ’83 and Wendy A. Cohen ’84
Michael E. Soffer ’04
Mark H. Solasz ’87
Lino A. Solis ’96
Hon. Martin M. Solomon ’75
Hon. Stanley J. Somer ’69
Somer & Heller LLP
Paul S. Somers
Scott A. Sommer ’88
Casmir S. Sondey ’94
Karen S. Sonn ’90
Sharon A. Sorkin ’08
Linda J. Sosnowitz ’73 and Alexis Gelinas
Hon. Faviola A. Soto ’78
Jeffrey E. Soukup ’80
Edward I. Speer ’68
Nicole A. Spence ’08
Carey B. Spitalnick ’05 and Jared B. Spitalnick ’05
Hon. John Spooner
Gail I. Bader ’83 and Olimpio L. Squitieri ’83
Frank A. St. Jacques ’11
Jonathan Staloff
Susan Stamler
Roschel H. Stearns
Peter D. Steckelman ’93
Lewis M. Steel ’63
Claire B. Steinberger ’03
David I. Steingard ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Stenseth ’08
Craig S. Stern ’83
Jeffrey M. Stern ’06
Steven and Sheila Aresty Foundation
Sally L. Stevens ’72
Karen E. Stewart ’03
David M. Stolow ’81*
Christina M. Storm ’77
Janet Strauss
Neva D. Strom ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Sturz
Prof. Lynn B. Su
Gary Sudhalter
Laura A. Sulem ’99
Edith T. Sullivan ’78
Janet A. Sullivan ’88
Missy Sullivan
Donald C. Sullivan ’94
Michael J. Sullivan ’89 and Kerry S. Sullivan ’90
Katherine Sullivan
Carolyn M. Sullivan Kropp ’09
Kenneth W. Sussman ’06
Reid W. Swanson ’13
John Sweeney ’88
Shanaye Sweet ’18
Zarina H. Syed ’09
Walter Syrek ’96
Luther Tai ’86
Guy F. Talarico ’86
Hon. Melvyn Tanenbaum ’57
John R. Tatulli ’04
Louise E. Tatum 4LE
Jessica J. Taylor ’09
Errol B. Taylor ’87
Serenay Taysin ’14
Prof. Ruti Teitel
Lois Tendler
Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association
Lynnore S. Thames ’04 and Jeffrey Thames
Pamela A. Theodoredis ’95
Prof. Ann F. Thomas
Christina M. Thomas ’12 and Ian Thomas ’12
Elizabeth Thomas
Prof. Claire R. Thomas ’11
Katherine M. Throckmorton ’89 and Timothy H. Throckmorton ’89
Helen V. Tillyard ’97
Leslie G. Tishler ’82
TLM Associates, LLC
TMP Worldwide
Maura Tobias
Wyatt Todd
Alex J. Tolston ’09
John J. Tomasso ’80
Stephanie Torres ’18
Lawrence Toscano
George D. Toussaint ’01
Alair Townsend
Stephanie R. Trager ’04
Richard Traub
Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP
Michael Treybich ’08
James A. Tricarico, Jr. ’77 and Connie Tricarico
Hon. Jonah I. Triebwasser ’79
Hon. Robert R. Troup ’58
Troutman Sanders LLP
Alex A. Truitt ’14
A. Tsilibes
Dmitry Tuchinsky ’05
Susan R. Tucker ’74
Philip Tugendrajch
Adam Turbowitz ’09 and Kristi Turbowitz ’09
Jared A. Turco ’04
Nicholas W. Turner ’12
Michael Twomey ’14
Steven A. Tyrrell ’83
Matthew A. Ulmann ’15
Charlotte H. Underwood ’13
Andrew Urkowitz
Chukwuma Uwechia
Francis J. Valentino
D. Gregory Valenza ’92
Olivier J. Vallez ’04
Frank A. Valverde ’01
Frederic D. Van Arnam, Jr. ’87
Andrew S. Varady, Jr. ’86
Francisco Vasallo ’11
Johnny T. Vasser, Jr. ’11
Pamela Jeanne V’Combe
Venable LLP
Peter Ventrice ’90
Catherine L. Verhoff ’93
Verizon Foundation
Prof. Alan Vinegrad
Jean-Michel Voltaire ’03
Joseph C. Volturo
Volunteers of Legal Services
Peter M. von Maur ’86
Laura Vydmantaite ’18
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Prof. Nancy C. Waite
Prof. Ari E. Waldman
Hon. Alton R. Waldon, Jr. ’73
Prof. Amy Wallace
Owen G. Wallace ’98
Jennifer N. Wang ’14
Xiumei Wang ’18
The Warner Fund Inc.
Christopher D. Warren ’13
Prof. Daniel Warshawsky
Andrew M. Wasserman ’92 and Donna J. Wasserman ’92
Karen Wasserman
Philip M. Wasserman ’78
Marianna Watnick
Jennifer Way
Hon. Theodore M. Weathers ’81
Penny Weaver
John B. Webb ’98
Harvey A. Wechsler ’83
Michele D. Weinberger ’14
Freddi Weintraub ’88
Howard J. Weisler ’67
Joanna Weiss
The Law Office of Stacy L. Weiss, PLLC
Neile Weissman
Steven Weissman ’79
Michelle Weller
Anthony Wells ’01
Hon. Charles Wertheimer ’97
Philip R. West ’84 and Barbara Yellen
Chris J. Whalen ’18
Sarah A. Whalen ’82
Hon. Marc J. Whiten ’84
Henry J. Widmaier
Zygmunt Wilf ’74
Wilf Family Foundations
Miakel D. Williams ’18
Kevin Williams
Kinanda Williams-Murray ’08
Keith R. Wilson
James J. Wilson
Heather D. Wiltshire Clement ’99
Michael B. Wind ’64
Hon. Michelle D. Winfield
Claude L. Winfield
Judith C. Winship ’79
Estate of Gregory D. Winter ’79
Wireless Internet Service Providers Association
Carl Wisotsky ’74
Carl Wisotsky Attorney at Law
Fred R. Wistow ’77
June A. Witterschein
Jack B. Wohl ’58
Scott D. Woller ’04
Cynthia Wolpert ’89
Lap J. Wong ’00
Brian K. Wormley ’95
Jack Wurgaft ’68
Jason L. Wyatt ’10
Gabriel A. Yandoli ’70
Shirley Shan Yang ’14
Eric M. Yee ’95
Catherine Yoon ’07
Harlan York
Harlan York and Associates LLC
Yoswein New York, Inc.
Meryl Young
Alan Z. Yudkowsky ’90
Jason J. Zeller ’83
Ronald V. Zezima ’82
Karl M. Zielaznicki ’87
Ralph J. Zimbardo ’72
Lee G. Zimet ’85
Derek Zimmerman ’03
Byron Z. Zinonos ’13
Daniel R. Zirker ’75
Eric S. Zohn ’92

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